Anyone else fed up with the Superbowl = Child Sex Slaverypalooza crap?

I swear, I’ve turned into my grandfather.  I can’t watch the news without yelling at the TV anymore.

A fifteen year old girl is not in danger from pedophiles.  Jackasses in the media with more shiny white teeth than brain cells need to look up the scientific definition of pedophilia before having hysterics on TV.

Pedophilia is a mental condition which has classifications, how many depending on which study you like best.  The simplest classifications are exclusive (or true) pedophile and non-exclusive pedophile (also referred to as non-pedophiliac offender, and doesn’t that medical term kind of tell you a little sumpthin’?).

Exclusive pedophiles have no attraction to physically mature females. Just because YOU think a physically mature fifteen year old girl is too young to consent to a sexual relationship isn’t going to make the true pedophile start slavering at the idea of getting someone that old.  That’s right, old.  If she has hips, breasts and pubic hair, then she is too old for the exclusive pedophile.  Even if she’s 12.

The non-exclusive pedophile is sexually attracted to the physically mature AND immature.  While some studies suggest rather convincingly that non-exclusives outnumber exclusives by a wide margin, the non-exclusive pedophile has been proven to commit only 12% of child sex offenses.  Some experts have debated that the non-exclusive is misdiagnosed; a better diagnosis would be sexual addiction combined with narcissism and/or sociopathy, as studies show that those three present with high frequency in the non-exclusive pedophile.

Having sex, or wanting to have sex, with a physically mature female who has not reached the age of legal consent is not pedophilia.  Assholophilia, sure, that’s pretty much a given.  I’m getting sick of hearing 19 year old boys who knock up their 15 year old girlfriend called pedophiles, or 30 year old men who beat off to pictures of cheerleaders.  The first is sexually normal, though illegal in many states.  The second, if it were classified as anything, would be ephebophilia.


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  1. Are you saying that I should not beat off to pictures of cheerleaders?

    What about porn stars dressed like cheerleaders?

    I don’t have an attraction to children at all. I am attracted to young women…WOMAN being the operative word…I don’t care if you are 19 or 30…if you look youthful I am attracted. Youthful means perky tits, tight skin, tight ass…that is youth to me.

    Does a 45 year old man wanting to sleep with a 20 year old woman make him a pedophile? What about a 19 year old woman….18?

    There has to be a line somewhere…

    Should there be an minimum ratio of ages? 19/15 vs 45/20….

    Not sure where I am going with this…other than to say that I agree with you….HOWEVER…anyone who PAYS for sex (like me) should make DAMN sure you are playing with someone of legal age…even if you are breaking the law by doing so…the “if there is grass on the field” axiom does not apply to paid sex…

    • Are you saying that I should not beat off to pictures of cheerleaders?

      Wzzuh? No. I’m saying that people who would call you pedophile are morons.

  2. This is why we need easy abortions. So there are no unloved children available for those that are pervs.

    • Oh, my God.

      I know you must be thinking, “OMG hookers! The perfect home for spouting whatever asinine crap comes into my twee little head! They are so controversial and open and will understand my outside-the-box specialness!”

      I know you must be thinking that, because I can’t really justify a suspicion that your mind has ever been defiled by a logical thought.

      Your crimes are two-fold (and probably more, but I can’t see what you’re wearing). You assume that an unexpected child is also an unloved child. You also assume loved children are not victimized by “pervs”. For these crimes I sentence you to a lifetime of mediocrity and tedious struggles to convince yourself of your own relevance, while you daydream of being a reality TV star.

      Now go away.

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