You Guys Are Gonna Love This

Apparently, when our Sith overlords tell us “small people” that we have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in the bill, contradict themselves (often within the same damned speech), and dismisses food inflation with “Let them eat iPads”, it isn’t because they are self-centered elitist tits.  The bastard lovechildren of Scarecrow and Tin Man, possessing neither hearts nor brains.

Nope.  It seems they really are just smarter and better than us, practically perfect in every way.  There’s been a study to prove it!

According to an academic study published Wednesday in the journal “Business and Politics,” members of the House of Representatives outperform the average stock-market investor by 55 basis points a month, or 0.55 percentage points, according to the Washington Times, which brought it to my attention. Extrapolated over a full year, that figures to an extra 6.8% per annum after compounding — better than hedge-fund superstars.

To add just 68 basis points, let alone 680 basis points, consistently makes you the equivalent of a lifetime .300 hitter in the Big Leagues.

Actually, our Congresscritters are not quite bastions of perfected humanity, because their stunning ability to play the market like a drooling savant at the piano is nevertheless topped by the performance of the Senate.

But, they add, House members’ excess equity returns trail those of Senators during the same time period, according to their previous study of investment return of the upper house — some 85 basis points a month. Annualized, that figures to 10.7% per year after compounding.

There. Our national problems are in good hands.  Don’t you feel better now?


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