Recession Fears Ease After Jobs Report

Jobs Report Shows 17th Month of Gains

Economy Grew More Jobs Than Expected

Market Rallies After Big Sell-Off

Oh, happy, happy day!  That’s all sorted, then.

Dear Mainstream Media,

Shut up, shut up, shutupshutupSHUTUP.



The DOW shed 500 points yesterday.  Today it gained back 60 on the day, after swings that were not only volatile but violently so.  That is not good news. 

The jobs report came  in not quite as catastrophically full of suck as expected, yet still roughly half the 200k jobs we must add every month just to meet population growth.  That is not good news. 

Why, God, why is everyone so stupid?

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  1. So, you’re a cup is 88% empty instead of a cup is 12% full gal?

    Attempt at comedy aside, I agree. I think the other markets were down that day, so the 60 point “jump” on the DOW was not the full picture.

    • Aha! More like, clawing back 60pts through scary volatility doesn’t constitute a “rally”. I watched the market all day, and it looked more like a fistfight.

      I’d have been happier if we had a mild market with medium-to-high volume ending 60 up on the day. I might have let them get away with calling that a rally; bit of a stretch, but at least it’s a sign of a content market.

      Yesterday’s market was not a good sign.

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