Holy shit.

Guys!  Guys!  Check out the five day chart for BAC.


Also, VIX setting records.

I wouldn’t touch this market with someone else‘s money.

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  1. “He who looks at the rain through quiet eyes,
    He will I follow through the storm.”

    Some poet said that. Robinson Jeffers I think. Will look it up.


  2. Ahh, found it.

    Who loves the rain,
    And loves his home,
    And looks on life with quiet eyes.
    Him will I follow through the storm,
    And at his hearth-fire keep me warm
    Nor hell nor heaven shall that soul surprise who loves the rain
    And loves his home,
    And looks on life with quiet eyes. – Francis Shaw

    Could definitely use some rain right now. More important than the stock market. About a foot spread over 3 or 4 days. Would be very nice.

  3. Enjoy:


  4. I took a concrete step to personal security yesterday. Bought another brick of 22 LR. 525 more days I get to eat.

    • I sold gold, my last holding, at 1230 and ever since I’ve been encouraging people to go long in lead.


      Don’t forget, in today’s market it is vital to keep expanding your skill set. My current project is to teach myself how to make fishing nets. (It’s actually sort of fun.)

  5. That sounds like fun. I might do that too.

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