Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Anyone seen that show?  It purports to be a game show, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, and – title notwithstanding – it’s really stupid.  Adults get asked questions on school subjects that elementary students are taught, and they all strain and chew their nails in terror because they just don’t know the answer!

It’s riveting TV.

I like math.  It was one of my best subjects.  Let’s try some fourth grade math, for which I hold fonder memories than, say, Honors Geometry.

The US population is 307,006,550.  The federal budget is 3.7 trillion.

The population of Texas is 24,782,302.  The Texas state budget is 182 billion, albeit 40% of that comes from federal funds and we’re running a 15-27 billion shortfall (oddly, no one seems to know – apparently it is one of those complicated things).  Let’s call it 15 billion for kicks.

3.7 trillion divided by 307,006,550 is $12,051.86.

182 billion minus 40% plus 15 billion equals 124.2 billion.  Divide that by 24,782,302 and you get $5011.64.

$12051.86 plus $5011.64 equals $17,063.50.

It will require just north of $17k for every man, woman and child living in Texas to pay this year’s bill presented to them by their state and federal legislators.

Are you happy with what you get for your $17,063.50?  Think they’re spending it well?

$17k is quite a chunk of change, but that’s just for one person.  A typical family of four will have to write a check to their state and federal government for  $68,254.  Remember, that’s just for this year’s budget.  We’ve got another one coming around next year, which will need another check!  And it’ll be a bigger check!

It’s like we all start life with a crazy golddigger ex wife attached to our necks.  She’s got all the credit cards, her Daddy (MSM) tells everyone what an asshole you are for not giving her enough money and her beer-swilling rage-issues brother (police) threatens to kick your ass every time you even think about not paying for her shopping sprees.


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  1. The show’s idea/premise was stolen from the Howard Stern show, too.

  2. […] – man, woman or child – in the state of Texas for their federal and state tax burden is $17,063.50 per year, and that does not include the money needed to pay the government […]

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