My skill set tastes better than yours

Italian Cheese Spread

Put half a block of cream cheese/neufchatel in a food processor with a splash of milk and process until smooth.  Add basil, rosemary, garlic, sharp cheddar cheese, onion (dried or roasted, not fresh and raw – too much moisture), red bell pepper (I use the dried red bell pepper I make), salt and pepper.*  Process until thoroughly blended.  Spread on toasted french bread, mix with mashed potatoes, use as a dip for raw vegetables or potato chips.

Honestly, you could make this with a selection of flavorings.  Chives and bacon is nice.  Cilantro, green bell pepper and lime makes a divine change from seasoned butter for your steaks.  Mix it with shredded leftover roast beef for a really damned good sandwich.  It keeps quite well in the fridge too.

My inherent point here, besides sharing something tasty you can make in sixty seconds, is that everyone should know how to be useful.  In the area where I grew up, most of the people I knew or was related to had an actual set of skills.  Granted, the area was rural and this was some time ago, but I didn’t run across many people who were unemployed or held nonsense jobs and the extent of their off-duty accomplishments were knowing how to run a microwave and program a VCR.  City slickers.  Useless idiots.  Cannon fodder.

These days?  Not so much.

These days, we call that being a “consumer” and it’s a big chunk of the problem.  Oh, if you’re looking for a spiel on mindless consumption, you’ll have to look elsewhere because this isn’t it.  Mindless consumption has its own issues but the problem I’m thinking of is “production”.

Sure, you consume, and maybe even mindlessly, but the point, see, the point is, are you capable of producing anything?  You should be.

The economy is teetering on the brink, and our freedom is disappearing faster than the value of your 401k.  Those who don’t see this aren’t paying attention, and those who insist it can’t happen here/bad things only happen back in the old days has their head stuffed up their bum.  Bad things happen to good people constantly, we are not special, and every democracy in existence failed due to fiscal collapse and was followed by tyranny.  “That’s different,” people say.  It is never different.  They just want to think so, because it’s less frightening than reality.

There’s a saying in the stock markets that bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered.  Rather a useful saying, and also true.  There is no situation which cannot be used as an opportunity, so long as you are able to adapt quickly and use your damned head.  Economic Darwinism culled most people employed in the real estate sector and related fields for exactly this reason; they didn’t adapt, and stuck their heads up their arse, chanting “It’ll fix itself, housing always goes up, sub-prime is contained, TV said we’ve reached the bottom and TV would never lie to me!”

Time to turn off the TV and turn on your brain.  What useful skills do you have, and what are you capable of producing for yourself or for a wider economy?  If the answer is “practically nothing” then it’s high time you learned to be useful.  You might need that knowledge one day, and hey, even if you don’t, you’ve learned something interesting and doing it yourself is always cheaper.  Win-win.


*Yes, I know this is not terribly helpful to people who can’t cook.  I never measure anything unless I’m making something which would be screwed up royally by eyeballing, say, cream of tartar until it “looks about right”.  But for everything else, “looks about right” works fine and is quicker.  Sorry.

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  1. After reading “What I do when I’m bored” I was going to ask…

    Who are you and what have you done with Stands With A Fist?


    • LOL!

      I use the blog to yell about people playing silly buggers (there’s always one…) and it makes me feel better, but I’m not annoyed all the time.

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