Flag on the play!

That sort of checking will even get you two minutes in the penalty box in hockey.

The girl is fifteen, by the way.  That isn’t the most troubling aspect (and that it gets worse is troubling all on its own).  The most troubling aspect is that searching “cop attacks girl” on Youtube gives almost a million returns.  A million.  The fuck?

I’ve also cleaned up the blogroll, and added a few.

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  1. I have never seen a cop rush a member of the Hell’s Angels MC like this before.

    • Sure. Later, they could charge the big burly biker with Assault on an Officer, Impending an Investigation, Resisting Arrest and Looking at Me in a Funny Way… but that would be later. After it took six more members of the thin blue wall thin brown streak, aha, to peel the biker off him.

      Good to see you around. I’m gonna email you later.

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