Tunes, man. Tunes.

I hardly ever watch TV, and it gets rather quiet over here without something on, so I listen to a lot of music.  I’ve usually got a playlist going while I write, cook, putter around or actually work.

As some of you who know me bestest will know, this is my absolute favorite song.  The one I never tire of.  Slipknot is not capable of making a bad song.  Such iconic talent.

Mostly I listen to rock.  Some country, some classical, even the odd WTF choice (I seem to pick one pop song at a time to go nuts for, listen to it constantly, and then get bored and not listen to pop for a few months until some other catchy stupid song comes along.  The last one was Bad Romance, remember?  The current is Firework, by Katy Perry.  The video is unintentionally hysterical, with her Chest of Passionate Fire).  But yeah, mostly it’s rock.

B and I sang this in karaoke.  It was glorious.  She went for the high notes, y’all.  Because she is awesome and wins at life.

A classic.  If anything qualifies as my theme song, this is it.  (I still say Brandy’s is Pussy Control, but she can share this one too if she likes.)  One of those songs that will never die, and if it does then it’s because those damned kids don’t know good music these days.  Just a bunch of yelling and strange haircuts.  Get off my lawn!

I used to dance to this song when I was a stripper.  What does that say about my sense of humor?

YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT.  Sing it with me!  Hummela-bebbela-zeebala-boomela-hummela-bebbelah-zeebalaBOP.  (And yes, I danced to this as a stripper too.  It amused me.)

Siiiigh.  I hear this, and I’m right back in middle school.  (I was actually about five years old when it was released.  It still reminds me of middle school, so shaddup.)

God, now I’m getting depressed.  Whither the talent in today’s music scene?  Alas, we had Billy Corgan and David Mustaine and Slipknot, and the rest are doing covers of better musicians (I’m looking at you, Fred Durst) or are Nickelback version 2.0-3.7.  But there are the guys from Filter.

Yeeeeeeah.  That’s what I’m talking about.

Aaaand we’ll end this with some humor.  As aforementioned, I pay little attention to the TV.  But Brandy, bless her little cotton socks, got me hooked on Supernatural (which brings the total of the shows I watch to… three).  Eye candy!  Guns!  Fights and drinking!  And eye candy!  It’s got it all, man. Also, a damned funny blooper reel.

Eye of the Tiger

It won’t allow embedding, so you’ll have to go to all the work of clicking a link.  Sorry.

I’ve just gone over my post, and I realize now that my taste in music can best be summed up as Stuff You Sing In Your Truck.  And I totally do.  Loudly.

As long as we’re on the subject of music, I find much amusement in ringtones.  My last ex, I set his ringtone to Meredith Brooks “Bitch”.  He found that very unflattering (ahaha – then stop calling me, bitch).  I had Brandy’s ringtone set as Prince’s “Pussy Control” forever, but recently I changed it to the theme song from the Smurfs.  The la-la-la song, yep.  I dunno, I thought it was funny as hell, but my taste has always been questionable.  Anyone who calls on my business line rings as Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (oh, the puns just write themselves, yes they do).

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  1. No Journey ?

    • “Faithfully” is one of my favorite songs. I thought about including it but figured you manly men would think i was being sappy.

      Dammit, now I have to edit, because I also left out Blue Oyster Cult and Filter. Editing!

    • Fixed.

  2. “You want it all, but you can’t have it
    It’s in your face but you can’t grab it!”

    LOL! Perfect!

    The two weirdest songs I used to dance to as a stripper were this one ( and this one ( Neither choice made me very popular with management.

    Coincidentally, just yesterday I wrote another column on songs with hooker lyrics, so I spent a while digging up videos for it; it’s scheduled for September 4th. Great minds and all that. 😉

    • “You want it all, but you can’t have it
      It’s in your face but you can’t grab it!”

      Exactly, dude. Exactly.

      The DJs loved me. I knew shitloads of music, I never danced to hip-hop or pop or anything slower that Papa Roach, and I tipped like a drunken sailor. Management never really gave a shit what I was doing on stage, because if the customers weren’t tipping and I got bored then, sure, I’d pull out some crack-assed shit like David Lee Roth and Devo, but I danced my little ass off to it. (No one ever complained about my work ethic. Only that I was strange. Which, you know… fair point.)

      Joan Crawford, lolololololol. Anyone who objected to Ozzy has never paid any damned attention to his music in the first place, so fukkim – it’s OZZY.

  3. The reintroduction to Styx which reminded me of why it was so awesome!

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