Do you have any pictures?

No.  I value my privacy and, as such, I do not allow pictures.  I know better than to fool myself that I have any control over them once they are online or on someone else’s computer/cell phone.

But I want to know what you look like.

I post a detailed description in every ad, and you can check that against my reviews to see whether you think it seems accurate.  Otherwise, I’m a regular at the socials and you’re welcome to have a gander at me there.  I’ll be the incredibly short redhead.  

I don’t go to socials.  I guess I just won’t see you.

I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight then, shall I?

How long does it take you to write this stuff on the board and your blog?

About five seconds.  It’s all off the top of my head.  I don’t spell-check and my typing sucks, otherwise it would take slightly longer.

What do you mean by “word count”?

Type something up in Word.  Then go to “Tools” and hit “Word Count”.  The number it returns is the word count for what you just wrote.  It doesn’t actually count each individual word, but the formula is much too complicated for me to explain here.  Essentially, the day’s word count is how much I wrote that day.  Most editors want 12pt Times New Roman, and in 12pt 800-900 words are about the equivalent of a two page document.

Can I see something you’ve written?

Yes, my blog.  Ha!  Seriously though, probably not.  For one, I’m not silly enough to hand you something with my byline attached.  I won’t do incalls in my home, I don’t post pictures online, I’m certainly not going to hand my real name out to anyone who wants it.  Nothing against you fellows, I quite like most of you, but I’m sure you understand my caution.

For two, it’s a copyright thing.  I can be sued for posting to my blog an article I’ve written and then subsequently selling first North American rights to someone else.  Blogs count as “published”, which means the article’s value to me has just dropped drastically.  I can also only post work to which I haven’t sold the copyright.

So.  It’s like Greek.  Have I done it before?  Certainly.  Will I do it for you?  No.

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