You have been warned

Stupid news link of the day:  Finest investigative journalism

Today’s word count:  214 so far

There’s a distinct trend going around:  Guys asking for BBFS.  Dallas and Austin are currently trying to track down whether there are girls actually giving this.  Everyone else has, upon investigation, discovered it’s merely hopeful hobbyists thinking if they just KEEP ASKING, someone will eventually be stupid enough to say yes.

The vast majority of you will not need to be told.  Those who need to be told, won’t listen.  I’m going to say it anyway, for everyone’s own good.

The answer is not only no, but hell no.

Asking is an automatic DNS.

I’ll then forward your name/handle to other girls.

I’ll contact your references and ask if they offered or gave BBFS, or if you asked them to do so.  Please note that I am being generous – some ladies are merely refusing to accept any and all future references from a gal who has been used as a reference under such circumstances. 

Ask some other lady for BBFS and word gets to me about it – automatic DNS.

Anyone who has a problem with this should feel free to comment here or send me an email, and I shall endeavor to give a damn.

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Success – it smells like sauvignon blanc

Stupid news link of the day:  When in doubt, bail ’em all out

Today’s word count:  674

Current project:  Home budget piece, sauces in less than ten minutes for less than three dollars

Current song on my playlist:  Chumbawumba – Tubthumpin

Success!  I had my first freelance sales for the month – three in one day, all on healthcare.  This is… pretty typical, actually.  Freelancing always seems to be feast or famine.  Explains why I’m in the hobby biz, eh wot?  Nice little bonus to my bank balance and ego though.  I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate, and that new bikini I’ve been coveting.  (Sporty white bikini with these little glittery brown and blue sparkle-thingies.  Makes my ass look awesome.)

It has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days.  Mr X asked if I planned to start working on my tan.  Aha, it is to laugh.  I, tan?  I’ve got the redhead’s complexion; that pale, pearlescent skin with more or less of freckles.  I’m so white I glow in the dark.  I joke that I use Kabuki makeup for foundation.  I get a sunburn on the way to the grocery store.  Further, I can’t tan.  I’ve tried, way back when I was in high school and every sixteen year old girl would oil up and lay out on the lawn on a towel.  I’ll get more freckles, but that’s about it.  I long ago gave up on getting that nice even tan look, so I just slather on the sunblock and wear hats everywhere so I don’t get sunburnt.

Does anyone know how I find out which driver and video card I’m using, so I can upgrade them?  I know there’s ways to update from the web, but I am so clueless with computers.

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Links, ideas and random whatnot

This news link is awesome.  It sums up quite nicely why y’all see me doing a lot of cranky sniping about the FedRes, Bernanke, banking and monetary policy.

Stupid news link of the day:  TVs and iPods are holding steady, hurrah!

Today’s word count:  1574

Current project:  This blog.  After 1500 words, I’m soaking my hands in ice water.

Current song on my playlist: Pantera – Walk

Sorry for the delayed in updating this.  Was muy occupied.  My editor should be put on lorazapam.  I’m just sayin’…

Does anyone speak enough Spanish to spell “peneho”?  You know, dummy, idiot, moron, stupid guy.  I might not be even close (friggin’ white girl from way up north, give me a break).

Brandy, the site looks nice.  Very chic and classic.  And yet, I can’t find the bits explaining the written referencing thing.  Wanted to update my blog post with the new link.

Yall, fair warning that not all of the links over on the side panel are hobby sites.  JohnGaltFla is – like me – an armchair economist with a decent IQ who reads a lot.  His politics are a bit strange (he links to survivalist stuff), and at times he talks way over my head, but the economy analysis is usually great.  Smashing graphs.  He’d do well as a freelancer if he cleaned up his writing skills.  MogamboGuru is a pro, but he’s resorted to satire with that particular blog.  He writes as if he were an economist on three pots of coffee and an ounce of high-quality crack.  Funny stuff.

I have an idea.  Saw this on Eccie.  What say, when I’m back, I offer topless cooking.  I’ll bring the goods (and the food too), whip off my shirt and bra, and put together supper or breakfast for a gent.  Sounds like fun, personally.  I think I’m going to have to make bacon verboten though – grease spatters on tender rosy bits would not be fun.

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Nice to see our money being spent well

I like this daily stats thing.  Both of my income streams are entrepeneurial, meaning I have no one to report to, no one to discuss my day with, no one to keep me on task.   It makes me feel more productive to tell at least the random, faceless readers of this blog what I did today.

Stupid news link of the day:  Yay foreclosures!

Today’s word count:  993

Current project:  A business article comparing executive compensation in US, Europe and Asia.

Curent song on my playlist:  Neil McCoy – Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On

Every time I write on this blog it seems my playlist is on country music.  Most of my playlist is actually rock.  I’ve got it on shuffle though, so random selections and all that.

Y’all might have the idea that I read a lot of news sites.  Y’all would be correct.  When one specializes in political commentary and the economy, one must actually keep tabs on current events.  It seems as if half the job in freelancing is predicting what the editors are going to want to see next. 

Speaking of news, let’s discuss today’s stupid link.  And by “discuss” I mean “Emily’s going to go off on a bit of a rant”.  I think this quote was the biggest source of my ire, though there were plenty of candidates.

He recommends those loans could be refinanced and insured by the Federal Housing Administration. But that would put the risk of future defaults on taxpayers. 

O rly?  Pray, good sir, have you ever heard of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac?  They run deficits in the B-B-BILLIONS, own half the new paper since the collapse began in 2007, and have been given a blank check by the government.  Yes, a blank check.  Through them, the government is now (I’m pretty sure, but I’ll fact-check if anyone requires verification) the largest single owner of US mortgage paper.  Though the way the Federal Reserve has been propping the mortgage-based securities market, they might have a fair challenge to the position.

My question, of course, is where was this man with his common sense (read: no shit, really?) approach when we bailed out  took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Don’t even get me started on student loans.

The best solution, many analysts say, is to reduce the total mortgage amount for borrowers who owe far more on their home loans than their homes are worth. But Treasury officials are reluctant to subsidize such an effort with taxpayer money.

*smack*  TARP, idiot!  Reluctance?  Reluctance, he says. 

Dante’s fourth circle of hell is bureaucrats.

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Wasn’t it gorgeous today?

Lovely weather here in CC.  My sister (who lives back home) is boycotting my calls.  She says it’s too disgusting to hear me talk about how warm it is and how I need to get a new bathing suit when she’s still scraping ice off her windshield every morning.

Stupid news link of the day:  Epic fail, Dodd

Today’s word count: 0  (Woe!)

Current project: Researching CEO pay in Europe.

Current song on my playlist:  Weezer – Hash Pipe

And now, a word on references.  I imagine this topic will come up a lot on my blog.  It’s a subject very near and dear to my heart (and my intact skin),  and my hobby pet peeve.  Getting guys to name their references.  Ladies who take three weeks to answer a request for a reference.  Ladies who think, “He’s fine.  Wait… no, thinking of someone else.  Yeah, I think he’s fine” counts as an adequate reference.  Guys who use a reference older than Methuselah.  Newbies who call at 3:14 AM and ask if being willing to drop trousers on webcam counts as a reference.  When the definition of “he’s fine” is “he tried to sneak the cover off but apologised for it real nicely later, and didn’t short the envelope by more than fifty bucks.”

Lately, and I’ve no idea why, there’s been a rash of gents thanking me for giving them references.  Only, I didn’t.  I would have; I’d seen each of them, and they’re great guys and hobbyists, but the gal in question hadn’t actually asked me for a reference. 

It’s a bit baffling.  Do y’all think maybe the gals are reckoning that if I’m off the open market, then I must not be giving references?

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Life is very general

Stupid news link of the day:  BAM!

Today’s word count:  822

Current project:  An article on hiring new employees for the small business.

Current song on my playlist:  Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss

Okay, let me explain that last entry.  YES, I listen to country.  Sue me.  I’m a born and bred redneck, hand-spanked and cornbread-fed.  I used to barrel race.  I know the plural of y’all (for the record, it is:  all y’all).  I have shot, gutted, butchered and then cooked  a deer.  My father is the only person I know to have blown out his speakers with Hank Williams Jr.  I have come home drunk at 2AM, and had to put the pig back in the pasture (and lordie, is that a long story). 

And yet, I am not a Texas native.  LOL.

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