Of all the things I considered when my current hobby situation was proposed – and trust that I considered it very thoroughly – the thing that most took me by surprise is that I’ve gotten lonely.

Not to say that my current companion is somehow lacking, or the sessions too infrequent.  Rather, I didn’t realize how I would miss having a variety of friends.  New delicious people to enjoy time with every week, private jokes that would go into my signature line.  Inquiry emails, calling around for references and inevitably having a bit of a chat with the ladies I’m getting a reference from, all those little phone calls here and there which never really took much time (five minutes? ten?) but helped break the ice when that door was opened for the first time on a face I’d not yet met.  

I’d never considered myself busy, and from what complaints I heard from other gals on what they considered to be a fruitful week I wasn’t even coming close, but there was usually something going on or in the works.   Someone to talk to.  An email to return.  I’m the old maiden aunt now, sitting on the sidelines watching everyone’s fun and handing out references. 

Huh.  Bull once said he thought I was fairly vanilla, and in the context in which he used it I agreed.  I’m not even remotely a freaky party girl, more a reserved homebody who just likes to get her nookie on (and complains if she isn’t getting enough). 

I’m a bit puzzled at myself to find that I miss variety.  Seems to go with a more adventurous nature than mine. 

Don’t fret, y’all, I’m not feeling sorry for myself.  (Hell, I’m damned fortunate right now and don’t I know it.)  I got a call yesterday from a friend whom I hadn’t seen since I went off the market, and it was such a nice little chat.  I was flattered to get his call.  I’d mentioned to Brandy that it felt a little lonesome to have only one playmate, but the call from an old friend brought it back to my mind. 

 I think I’m going to enjoy it when I’m back on the market.  Even if it does mean having to put up with asking three times for a fellow to send his references.

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