Success – it smells like sauvignon blanc

Stupid news link of the day:  When in doubt, bail ’em all out

Today’s word count:  674

Current project:  Home budget piece, sauces in less than ten minutes for less than three dollars

Current song on my playlist:  Chumbawumba – Tubthumpin

Success!  I had my first freelance sales for the month – three in one day, all on healthcare.  This is… pretty typical, actually.  Freelancing always seems to be feast or famine.  Explains why I’m in the hobby biz, eh wot?  Nice little bonus to my bank balance and ego though.  I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate, and that new bikini I’ve been coveting.  (Sporty white bikini with these little glittery brown and blue sparkle-thingies.  Makes my ass look awesome.)

It has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days.  Mr X asked if I planned to start working on my tan.  Aha, it is to laugh.  I, tan?  I’ve got the redhead’s complexion; that pale, pearlescent skin with more or less of freckles.  I’m so white I glow in the dark.  I joke that I use Kabuki makeup for foundation.  I get a sunburn on the way to the grocery store.  Further, I can’t tan.  I’ve tried, way back when I was in high school and every sixteen year old girl would oil up and lay out on the lawn on a towel.  I’ll get more freckles, but that’s about it.  I long ago gave up on getting that nice even tan look, so I just slather on the sunblock and wear hats everywhere so I don’t get sunburnt.

Does anyone know how I find out which driver and video card I’m using, so I can upgrade them?  I know there’s ways to update from the web, but I am so clueless with computers.

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Gawd, I’m bored

It’s Friday night and I’ve nothing to do. 

Eccie’s been a lot of fluff and nonsense lately.  Nothing interesting to read or post on.

The new Gabriel Iglesias vid was great but I’ve watched it twice already.

I’ve met my weekly quotas for both my jobs and feel like faffing off.

I can’t get Sims3 to install on my computer.  Stupid technology.  My plans for the night involved a lovely bottle of pinot grigio, a box of chocolates and bag of Funyuns and some serious vegging in front of a computer screen all night and now those plans are RUINED.

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Links, ideas and random whatnot

This news link is awesome.  It sums up quite nicely why y’all see me doing a lot of cranky sniping about the FedRes, Bernanke, banking and monetary policy.

Stupid news link of the day:  TVs and iPods are holding steady, hurrah!

Today’s word count:  1574

Current project:  This blog.  After 1500 words, I’m soaking my hands in ice water.

Current song on my playlist: Pantera – Walk

Sorry for the delayed in updating this.  Was muy occupied.  My editor should be put on lorazapam.  I’m just sayin’…

Does anyone speak enough Spanish to spell “peneho”?  You know, dummy, idiot, moron, stupid guy.  I might not be even close (friggin’ white girl from way up north, give me a break).

Brandy, the site looks nice.  Very chic and classic.  And yet, I can’t find the bits explaining the written referencing thing.  Wanted to update my blog post with the new link.

Yall, fair warning that not all of the links over on the side panel are hobby sites.  JohnGaltFla is – like me – an armchair economist with a decent IQ who reads a lot.  His politics are a bit strange (he links to survivalist stuff), and at times he talks way over my head, but the economy analysis is usually great.  Smashing graphs.  He’d do well as a freelancer if he cleaned up his writing skills.  MogamboGuru is a pro, but he’s resorted to satire with that particular blog.  He writes as if he were an economist on three pots of coffee and an ounce of high-quality crack.  Funny stuff.

I have an idea.  Saw this on Eccie.  What say, when I’m back, I offer topless cooking.  I’ll bring the goods (and the food too), whip off my shirt and bra, and put together supper or breakfast for a gent.  Sounds like fun, personally.  I think I’m going to have to make bacon verboten though – grease spatters on tender rosy bits would not be fun.

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So I finally got a blog

I figured, hey, everyone else seems to have a blog.  Maybe now I can have an easier way to keep in touch with friends who’re jonesing that I’m off the market.  Or whatever.  I can also spam news links and bitch about writing.  Oh, yeeeeeah, that sounds good.

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